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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Better Late than Never!

Dearest Diana and Julie:

I'm so happy to be able to finally post on this site!  I've been busily ending the school year, keeping track of family, and beginning the summer agendas.  I'm sure that this is no different for the two of you.  I can see that we are reading the book, but I was curious to ask a couple of questions.  What made you decide to select this book (Non-Fiction Mentor Texts)? What are some expected outcomes that you are hoping this book will help you with?

I'm looking forward to some great conversations!

Very truly yours,

Cynthia Andrews


  1. Hello all,

    I picked this particular text because one of the initiatives in Van Buren schools is a new focus on teaching non-fiction in general. I've read the first 2 chapters and I already believe this book is a good fit.

    One of the outcomes I seek is a better way to motivate kids with non-fiction. They naturally enjoy certain types: "How-to" is fun and so is persuasive writing. On the other hand, kids do not naturally want to write a compare and contrast piece not do they want to write a descriptive paragraph so much. In other words, I hope I can get them (and myself!) more fired up about academic writing.

  2. Honestly, it wasn't my first choice. I had dipped in and out of it a few years ago, mostly crisis reading. As I continue to read the book, it is helping me to see the connections between narrative and nonfiction writing in terms of craft.